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Now that you have implemented an EHR (Electronic Health Records) platform, the next step is to build a workflow and infrastructure to support it. We often find that many EHR implementations that fail or result in reduced revenues and increased frustrations end up that way due to very little attention or training being geared towards the actual APPLICATION of the tool to the practice workflow.

What may not be immediately obvious during or immediately after an EHR Implementation, is that many aspects of the day to day operations of the practice will need to change to align themselves seamlessly with the new EHR tool. The staffing patterns, schedules, and documetation procedures that you have been used to following may not fit “out of the box” with the EHR platform you have selected. As a result, you may find your efficiency and revenues dropping while your frustrations mount, an unacceptabe outcome.

Argus Healthcare Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of consulting services to assist your practice in maximizing its efficiency by optimizing your workflow by tailoring it to the tools and resources that you employ:

Remote Hosting of EHR and Office Applications

Save yourself time, energy, and money by having your EHR and Office Applications hosted securely and remotely on Argus Offsite Servers. The immediate benefits of choosing a remote hosted deployment for your EHR and Office applications are:

No Server Hardware Investment

All server hardware and EHR application upgrades are performed by Argus Staff
Increased Mobility, access your secure data from home, the office, or anywhere with an internet connection
Smartphone and Tablet capable
Reduced Risk of Data Breach Due to Patient Data Being on Offsite, Centrally Located Servers
No Sensitive Data on Local Machines
PLEASE VISIT OUR REMOTE HOSTING PAGE for More Information and Instructions on How to Get Started.

Argus Workflow Enhancement Consulting

As with any tool or resource, the right training and guidance is needed to bring out its true value and reap the greatest rewards from your efforts. Argus Workflow Enhancement Consulting was developed to address the struggles that practices have in applying EHR technology to their office workflows post implementation. Let Argus show you how to translate all of the features of EHR and Modern Technology into increased revenues and efficiency within your practice.

Argus Workflow Enhancement Consulting will provide you with the solutions to the following problems:

I have implemented EHR, and it has done nothing but slow me down
I have implemented EHR, and my revenues are decreasing
There are so many policy changes at once. How do I adapt to them?
EHR promises so many things, how do I bring them all together in a meaningful way?
How can I acheive meaningful use?
Argus Practice Management Services
At times, clients may have a need for additional guidance from a top down perspective. Argus has drawn on its 10 years of Healthcare Management Experience to develop Argus Practice Management Services. Argus Practice Management services seek to guide your practice and keep you abreast of changes in healthcare policy, reimbursement changes and best practices, and utilize strategic planning to take your practice to the next level.

Argus Practice Management Services are available as a stand alone product or can be bundled with other services such as Medical Billing and EHR Implementation services. Please Contact Us for more information and a quote for services.

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